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If the word “accountant” still brings to mind images of pocket protectors, thick glasses, and – well – nerds typing away on calculators, you haven’t met the team at Citrin Cooperman. If you’ve never heard the terms “accounting firm” and “entrepreneurial drive” in the same sentence, you also haven’t met the team at Citrin Cooperman. And if you’ve never heard of an accounting firm started in NYC with seed money from a legendary rock band, then you’ve definitely never met the team at Citrin Cooperman.

But if you haven’t, you should. Now the 23rd largest CPA firm in the country, Citrin Cooperman has built a major presence as accountants and advisors over the past 38 years, operating 10 offices from Metro DC to Boston (plus an affiliate office in India), with 940 employees, including 40+ of them right here on Long Island. Michael Sabatini, Managing Partner of the Long Island office, recently invited CMM Managing Partner and HIA-LI Board Chairman Joe Campolo to tour the firm’s sleek new space in Melville, where they discussed everything from philanthropy to attracting millennial talent.

Citrin Cooperman has thrived by taking an entrepreneurial approach in helping their clients build their businesses. As Partner Corey Bell explains, “we become part of the client’s team.” Sabatini describes his team as down-to-earth people who care and who make it their mission to deliver value, whether through traditional tax and audit offerings or cybersecurity, valuation, and consulting services, among many others. With nearly a thousand professionals at their fingertips at Citrin Cooperman, clients also enjoy access to someone with the right expertise for their unique issues.

Citrin Cooperman’s sweet spot is servicing privately held family businesses in industries ranging from real estate to healthcare and everything in between – many of whom have outgrown their longtime accountants. Indeed, there’s no shortage of accounting advisors on Long Island, but Citrin Cooperman’s holistic approach – their tagline is “Focus on What Counts” – reflects their emphasis on serving as true business partners.

How does the firm foster this culture in new hires? “The tone is set from the top,” Sabatini says. And while many traditional accounting firms have found it difficult to adapt to changing times, Citrin Cooperman has demonstrated forward-thinking leadership by aggressively courting the millennial workers who represent the future of the firm – and investing in them once they’re on board. The new Melville office is a “millennial-focused space” designed with young people in mind: an open concept office with glass walls and an abundance of natural light. Amenities include an eat-in kitchen with lounge seating, tables and chairs, and large TVs – not to mention a nearby walking trail and a gym complete with a golf simulator in the building.

But more important than these modern features is the firm’s focus on keeping their younger talent engaged and excited. Case in point: rather than spend their days reviewing workpapers in a windowless office, young staff members work with partners on all aspects of the business, meeting face-to-face with clients and learning the ins and outs of their work. “Citrin Cooperman University” offers staff both technical training and culture-building; the office closes on Citrin Cooperman Cares Day for staff to volunteer together, giving time and dollars to the local community. The firm supports employees through wellness programs, flexible scheduling, professional development, women’s leadership training, and even an international exchange program – all of which have grown out of staff feedback, reflecting just how much the employee’s voice matters at Citrin Cooperman.  The firm has also put their relatively new HIA-LI membership to good use, building their Long Island presence and making important new connections that have already joined them as clients or staff.

With the firm’s rapid expansion, their approach to client service and staff investment is clearly paying off. As you walk down the green-accented hallways at Citrin Cooperman, you get the sense that there’s something unique about this accounting firm. As they promise, “Business isn’t boring; your advisor shouldn’t be either.”

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group of people at Citrin Cooperman  Citrin Cooperman conference room sign

Citrin Cooperman partners Corey Bell, Michael Sabatini (Long Island office Managing Partner), and Michael Myers welcome CMM Managing Partner Joe Campolo to their sleek new space in Melville. Next photo: No Conference Room 1 here. The conference room names in Citrin Cooperman’s new office pay homage to beloved Long Island destinations.


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The millennial-friendly, open concept space features many amenities including a kitchen area with lounge seating, tables and chairs, and two big screen TVs. Next photo: The office incorporates the colors of Citrin Cooperman’s logo in unexpected places.


group at Citrin Cooperman  Citrin Cooperman sign

Michael Myers, Michael Sabatini, Joe Campolo, Corey Bell, and Michael Feller pose in the lounge area. Next photo: Citrin Cooperman: Focus on what counts.