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In an emerging market with highly complex and fluid regulations, let CMM be your go-to firm to help you and your business navigate New York cannabis law. Headed by Partner Arthur Yermash, our Cannabis Practice Group focuses on providing critical guidance for cannabis businesses, entrepreneurs, and service providers by leveraging our breadth of experience in corporate law, M&A, labor and employment and our diverse practice areas. As a leading full-service firm representing businesses in New York City and on Long Island, our attorneys are well qualified to counsel clients on the unique issues they may face in this developing industry.

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Breaking into the recreational cannabis market in New York requires the support of a multidisciplinary legal team with an in-depth understanding of both corporate law and highly regulated industries.

We service investors, entrepreneurs, and established entities by helping them navigate this complex marketplace in relation to financing, manufacturing, processing, distribution, marketing and selling of cannabis products under applicable state laws. Whether you are an existing business considering expanding into cannabis sales or an entrepreneur looking to dive into the lucrative hemp industry, CMM can be your trusted partner to guide you through the challenges.

Entity Formation

Setting up a New York cannabis company correctly is critical. Our attorneys consider all aspects of your business and will guide you through the cannabis entity selection to help you structure your business. We will provide comprehensive advice to business owners and draft and review operating agreements, and other industry-specific agreements. Our cannabis law group can also serve as general counsel for your business and advise you on compliance issues and best practices.

Regulatory Compliance and Licensing

Manufacturing, distributing and sourcing cannabis and hemp requires a maze of regulations and licensing issues. One of the most critical matters our cannabis law group can help you with is regulatory compliance and proper licensing to protect you from liability and ensure you are operating lawfully in the state of New York and any relevant county and municipality. We will assist you with staying informed of potential new rules and regulations that may impact your business.

Real Estate, Land Use and Zoning

Negotiating commercial leases can be difficult for any business, but especially so for the emerging cannabis industry which has unique considerations for both commercial landlords and tenants. Our attorneys have experience with all aspects of complex real estate transactions to help navigate through the real estate process. We will guide you on leasing issues, obtaining regulatory and zoning approvals, and, should an issue arise, we are prepared to support cannabis clients fighting any challenges.

Financing and Strategy

Funding business operations in a highly regulated industry such as cannabis can be challenging. Our attorneys have significant experience in private financing working with private equity funds, venture capital funds, and their portfolio companies. As each business has unique financing needs, we work closely with you to prepare a suitable financing strategy, structure deals, provide regulatory review, and perform any due diligence. We also have extensive experience in M&A for investors interested in buying into the hemp industry.

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