Liability Insurance & Insurance Coverage

CMM has successfully defended major insurance companies across the country in virtually all areas of insurance coverage and defense.  We understand the position of the insurance client as well as the insured client, and we use our decades of experience in the insurance industry to devise practical and cost-effective legal strategies.  The firm is committed to defending third-party lawsuits for insurance carriers, especially where self-insurance is involved.   We immediately and continually evaluate each matter, as we understand the need for prompt and efficient risk management assessment.

Representative Matters

Premises Liability
Our firm defends a variety of claims arising from the ownership, operation, maintenance, and use of commercial, private and municipal premises. These cases range from simple slip/trip-and-fall to complex matters involving building code violations and third-party criminal acts.

Transportation Law
Our Long Island insurance attorneys represent public and private transportation providers including municipal bus lines, coach and school bus companies, fleet carriers, logistics companies, and limousine businesses.  Our firm has vast experience representing these companies in accident-related claims alleging personal injury, catastrophic loss, and property damage, as well as statutory violations, vehicle code violations, regulatory compliance, loss transfer, and environmental concerns.  We also assist clients in responding to catastrophic losses by coordinating the accident scene reconstruction and investigation.

Insurance Coverage
Our insurance attorneys have significant experience representing insurers in defending and instituting declaratory judgment actions and assisting clients in analyzing, negotiating, and providing coverage opinions on issues arising under a variety of insurance policies including commercial general liability, professional, directors’ and officers’, employment practices, premises, and commercial and automobile liability policies.

Self-Insured Clients
Our approach is to always mount a strong and aggressive defense at the beginning of each case.  Being aggressive while paying attention to litigation costs is especially important to our self-insured clients. If your company is self-insured, you can and should direct which firm will defend you in a lawsuit.  Understanding the unique needs of self-insured clients and clients with substantial self-insured retentions is what our insurance attorneys do.

Construction and Labor Law (Scaffold, Worksite Accidents)
The firm regularly represents clients in lawsuits arising from construction accidents. These cases usually involve severe or even catastrophic injuries.  Construction accidents, which are covered by New York’s Labor Law, give rise to complex litigation involving the interplay of numerous parties and contractual, insurance, and statutory issues.  We successfully navigate these matters every day for our clients on Long Island and throughout the state.

Rapid Response & Catastrophic Loss Team
We have a dedicated rapid response team of attorneys, experts, and specialists who are available to assist our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to catastrophic losses and transportation accidents.  Our team of professionals, including accident reconstruction experts, field investigators, and biomechanical engineers, recognizes the importance of immediate investigation after a serious accident occurs.  Collaborating with our multidisciplinary team of experts, CMM can retain and transport the necessary professionals to the accident site within hours of the occurrence.

In the wake of complex catastrophic events, such as fires, explosions, construction accidents, structural collapses, or trucking accidents, business and property owners will confront a host of legal issues.  We have an established rapid response protocol to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to evaluate, document, and preserve critical on-scene evidence and information.   We help clients identify and prepare for those legal issues, preserve their interests, and minimize exposure to future liability.

Immediately after a catastrophic event, our team takes action to:

  • Conduct a qualified, certified, competent, and timely response
  • Conduct an efficient, effective, and safe investigation
  • Collect on-scene data and deliver accurate information to decision-making authorities
  • Coordinate experts to conduct a cause analysis and identify defenses and potentially responsible parties

Our attorneys have significant appellate experience, handling hundreds of appeals and oral arguments in both state and federal court, from the Appellate Divisions to the New York State Court of Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.  We recognize that results achieved early in a case by motion practice or later at trial are worthwhile only if they can be upheld on appeal.  We have the experience to successfully handle all insurance-related matters from inception through appeal.