When emotions are running high during a contentious litigation, it can be difficult for the parties living and breathing it to take a step back and decide the best path forward. A CMM client in the technology space recently found itself in that situation. Thanks to CMM’s business-focused approach, the client was empowered to see the full picture and make the best decision for the business.

Our client had sold a technology product to the plaintiff, who complained that it did not work properly; our client contended that the plaintiff had simply used it wrong despite receiving training and support. A lawsuit ensued, with an immense amount of discovery and tension to match. The parties would not budge on their versions of what happened, and it appeared that the litigation could go on indefinitely. The distance between the parties seemed to grow each day.

Sometimes litigation is a necessary and best approach to handling a dispute. Other times, expensive litigation can be avoided by a lawyer who takes the time to truly understand the issues. CMM’s David Green recognized that settling the case was in the best interest of all parties. Green was able to convince the plaintiff, as well as our client, that prolonged fighting through litigation would not benefit either side. Ultimately, the parties were able to put emotions aside and make a deal.

“Outstanding settlement! I’m very pleased with the result and thank you for keeping settlement discussions alive,” our client’s insurance adjuster shared with Green.

The plaintiff’s attorney agreed, telling Green that “Resolution is always possible with a professional on the other end.”

CMM is in the business of helping clients achieve their goals in the best way possible – not in litigating for litigation’s sake. Learn more about our litigation work here.