What’s better than successfully getting a client out of a lawsuit? Getting them out of a lawsuit without having to pay a settlement, or incur any trial costs or expenses.

CMM’s litigation team did just that with a complex motion in this complex case. The plaintiff alleged that he was injured at a construction site and sued our client (a sub-contractor), other contractors, and the building owner for general negligence and violations of New York State Labor Law (“Labor Law”). The general contractor also sued our client for contractual indemnification.   

CMM litigators David Green and Scott Middleton moved for summary judgment, seeking a dismissal of all claims against our client. We argued that the plaintiff was not entitled to the protections of the labor law, and that our client was not liable to the plaintiff for the accident – and that therefore, the plaintiff’s claims should be dismissed as well as the indemnification claims.  

In this outright win for our client, the court agreed, finding that the plaintiff was not entitled to the protections of the Labor Law, that our client was not negligent or otherwise liable to the plaintiff or to any co-defendants for indemnification, and ordering that all claims against our client be dismissed. 

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