We welcomed business leaders from different facets of the housing sector. First, Sal Ferro, President & CEO of Alure Home Improvements, talked about why Long Island is not a side act to our neighbor NYC but a great place to do business in its own right. Sal turned a small painting company into one of the most successful home remodeling companies in the nation and discussed Alure’s role in helping Long Island homeowners invest in their own biggest asset. Next we were joined by Gwen O’Shea, President & CEO of Community Development Corporation of Long Island (CDCLI), a regional nonprofit founded nearly 50 years ago by government, business, and civic leaders to address the growing demand for affordable housing in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Gwen is a dynamic leader who spoke honestly of the challenges in the quest for affordable housing, but still with optimism for the infusion of funding sources, smart community leaders, and philanthropic businesses all working together on solutions.