By Arthur Sanders

Whether you’re negotiating the release of hostages or negotiating with your toddler to try a new food, the
common thread is that all negotiations are based on human interaction. To succeed in any negotiation, you
must understand not only the basic building blocks that all negotiators need, but also the psychological and
emotional principles at play and how to use them to your advantage.

On January 9, 2018, we were treated to a dynamic presentation by Joe Campolo, Esq., Managing Partner of
Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, a premier law firm with offices in Ronkonkoma and Bridgehampton.
From serving in the United States Marine Corps, to representing clients in the courtroom and boardroom, to
advocating for Long Island through his community involvement, Joe has a wealth of experience in negotiation
strategy that he eagerly shared with the crowd.

Joe’s presentation focused on negotiation as an exercise in managing risk and tension. He walked us through
typical thoughts while listening at the negotiation table (ranging from the defensive to the argumentative) and
how we can “listen better” by acknowledging our adversary’s spoken and unspoken point of view.
The conversation then shifted to the emotional side of negotiation, as Joe shared tips for negotiating to win.
Strategies in his toolbox include building rapport with your adversary and challenging the negative emotions
that are bound to come up during a protracted negotiation. He also shared how to avoid being manipulated
and how to identify more win-win possibilities (as opposed to win-not lose possibilities).

Joe’s unique presentation style was well received and was a great way for our chapter to kick off 2018.