When a top insurance executive ran into a problem with his own insurance carrier, he turned to CMM for help, trusting that the hard work and legal skill he had seen from CMM in his professional life was the right choice to solve his personal matter. He was right.

The executive’s homeowner’s insurance policy had disclaimed coverage for damage to his garage. CMM filed suit, alleging fraud, breach of contract, and violations of various business law statutes. The insurance company moved to dismiss the lawsuit, but the Court retained the breach of contract claim. Scott Middleton kept the pressure on the insurance company by appealing the Court’s decision to dismiss the other claims, moving forward with the lawsuit by serving multiple subpoenas, and pushing hard for a settlement, recognizing that the insurance company would not ultimately want to take the case to trial.

CMM’s efforts paid off. While awaiting the Court’s decision on a motion regarding the subpoenas, Middleton settled the case for the full amount our client sought. (To top off this victory, shortly after reaching the settlement, the Court issued its decision, siding with CMM on the subpoena issues.) CMM has now withdrawn the lawsuit, and the client is thrilled to have been made whole.