This fall, CMM hosted a series focused on how to turn your goals into reality. Known for being a leader with both a vision and a plan, CMM Managing Partner Joe Campolo shared his lessons on how to turn plans into action. Attendees learned about setting goals and most importantly, getting to know themselves and being real. He stressed the importance of not only being a doer in your own life, but to also seek out the doers in business and synergize your goals. Discipline is a habit, and you must consciously work it into your daily routine. Attendees learned actionable strategies to put to work right away, while they networked over breakfast and made valuable new connections. 

“What really stood out to me was the importance of follow through and discipline,” said one attendee. “I really appreciated Joe’s football metaphor; that kind of real-world example really made an impact for me. I’m definitely going to use the lessons today in my personal and professional life.” 

“I’ve attended other presentations and none were as useful as this one,” said another. “I want Joe to come to our company and speak to our sales team about his lessons on follow through.”

Thank you to our series sponsors: Island Tech Services, Markowitz Fenelon & Bank, LLP, HKM Associates, Mitchell York of EOS, Stony Brook Alumni Association, and Hampton Pest Management.

2019 has been a great year for our professional programming, and we’re excited to share what’s in store for 2020! Check out some of the event photos below.