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Campolo, Middleton & McCormick has achieved a high-value settlement for a family who lost their father/husband in a tragic car crash that featured prominently in the news media for months.

The defendant’s vehicle was covered by a $25,000/$50,000 insurance policy, well below the total damages of the catastrophic accident, which raised the grim possibility that the family would receive only a fraction of the damages to which they were entitled. We previously reported that in a first in New York State, CMM prevailed on a motion for pre-judgment attachment in the case, providing security for the family as the case continued to make its way toward resolution.

Since then, following the success of this innovative motion, a related proceeding in Surrogate’s Court, and CMM’s persistent efforts to subpoena the defendant’s wife and attach marital assets, the defense team decided to settle the case. As CMM partner Scott Middleton explains, the two young sons of the man who tragically lost his life will now be provided for financially through their young adulthood.