Webinar hosted by Joe Campolo and Peter Klein

Restrictions may slowly be easing, but our new world is anything but business as usual. Join prominent business leaders Joe Campolo and Peter Klein for a weekly webinar where they share critical insights on the state of the Long Island business community and provide a macro perspective to help mitigate the economic fallout and move forward productively.

Each episode will feature commentary on business, finance and more. This first episode will include an in-depth discussion of the impact COVID-19 is having on the local and national economy and how businesses should be preparing to reopen, especially in light of the challenges that PPP and enhanced unemployment are causing in the workforce. In future episodes, Joe and Peter will also welcome guests from various sectors including accounting, legal, manufacturing, finance, and nonprofits, as well as elected officials, to discuss in-depth challenges we are all facing in the new world.

With the world changing daily, remaining in-the-know is key to making decisions that impact the future of your business. Hear directly from the business leaders plugged into the latest changes and gain a critical perspective to guide your decision-making. Q&A is a critical piece of each episode, so bring your questions!

Date: Tuesday, May 19

Time: 11:30 a.m.

Register via Zoom Here

Have questions for Joe and Peter? Submit now to Lauren at lkanter@cmmllp.com or via the Q&A feature during the webinar.

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