Our new world is far from business as usual. Join business leaders Joe Campolo and Peter Klein for our next business recovery webinar as they welcome Jim Coughlan, Principal and Co-Founder of TRITEC Real Estate Company.

This episode will focus on the real estate development sector – a key piece of Long Island’s previously booming economy. Now that the COVID pandemic has changed how we work, live, and play, how will the real estate development sector respond to changing needs?

Social distancing, businesses struggling to pay rent, changing workplaces, and former commuters seeking local spaces are all part of our new reality. Real estate development on Long Island must be repurposed and reimagined in response. We look forward to a critical discussion that will empower business owners to confidently examine their workplaces and move forward.

Q&A is a critical piece of each episode, so bring your questions.

Date: Tuesday, June 9

Time: 11:30 a.m.