Business owners: don’t miss our next “Business Unusual” webinar as Joe Campolo and Peter Klein discuss Long Island business recovery, the markets, and strategies to move forward productively. They will also welcome Rich Humann, President & CEO of H2M architects + engineers, to address infrastructure investment.

Investing in infrastructure is often viewed as the fastest way to boost economic growth by stimulating job creation and helping a battered economy recover. But COVID-19 has turned old rules and accepted wisdom on its head. Is infrastructure spending feasible and worthwhile in today’s new normal? Join us for a critical discussion about which projects are happening, which are paused, and which have been axed. We’ll address how stimulus dollars are being used, whether infrastructure spending can fill tax voids in the middle of a pandemic, and whether we can grow our way out of this crisis by investing in infrastructure.

Q&A is a critical piece of each episode, so bring your questions.

Date: Tuesday, June 16
Time: 11:30 a.m.

Have questions for our speakers? Submit now to Lauren at or via the Q&A feature during the webinar.