Walking through the bright, colorful hallways at Lorraine Gregory Communications’ shiny new headquarters, over the hum of state-of-the-art printers and the voices of employees energetically collaborating about social media campaigns, it’s hard to imagine that this lively, innovative company started out in the early ‘90s as a direct mail business staffed by three people stuffing envelopes.

LGC, today a powerhouse marketing and communications firm, recently expanded their footprint with a move to the Heartland Business Center in Edgewood. Founder and CEO Greg Demetriou, a client and friend of CMM, recently invited CMM Managing Partner and HIA-LI Board Chairman Joe Campolo for a tour of LGC’s beautiful 25,000 square-foot facility. The “front of the house” is home to marketing operations, while the “back of the house” features a fully-equipped professional studio and an enormous yet meticulously organized printing and mailing center.

An award-winning retired NYPD detective, Demetriou launched his current career almost by accident. His brother, then a corporate VP at PaineWebber, opened a new business to process proxy mail for the brokerage and asked Demetriou to organize the operation.  Starting with an empty warehouse, the company grew to 132 employees and processed 50 million pieces of mail by the following year. Once that business closed, Demetriou and his wife, Lorraine, pooled their money to purchase a storefront direct mail company he saw advertised in the newspaper. Eventually, through years of dedication and hard work, the former detective found himself at the helm of a direct mail consultancy; a full-service letter shop, fulfillment, and mailing provider; a communications firm; a full color offset and digital commercial printer and bindery; an online development and marketing solutions provider; and a brick-and-mortar and online purveyor of printed envelopes servicing consumers, municipalities, and institutions.

The company was completely rebranded in 2015, effectively merging these distinct divisions into the LGC corporate identity. Today, LGC is the premier provider of marketing and communications expertise in the region, helping clients market themselves on Long Island and around the globe. Demetriou and his team of 35 employees focus on integrated marketing – servicing all marketing needs for clients including advertising, branding, direct mail, media strategy, printing, PR, social media, and web design – all under one roof. LGC is a one-stop-shop for clients with no need to outsource.

“You can’t leave a base untouched,” Demetriou explains. “Marketing is about consistency, and being where your audience is when they’re there.” While a social media presence is absolutely critical today, Demetriou says, each time you add a medium, your ROI goes up. “We still work with clients on TV and print ads – everything is just more targeted. It’s all about the messaging.” LGC works with clients to determine the best platforms and strategy for them to showcase their unique focus. For example, LGC recently helped a client who was looking to hire more workers craft social media posts highlighting the vibrant company culture, employees, and their personal stories to generate buzz and prompt resume submissions.

A longtime supporter of the HIA-LI, well known in the Long Island business community, and now getting to know his new neighbors in the Heartland Business Center, Demetriou enjoys working with clients who understand the value of investing in marketing. As chief rainmaker and strategy officer of the company, he’s also getting to know Long Island CEOs on a deeper level through his exclusive “Ask a CEO” interview series featuring leaders including Michael Dowling, CEO of Northwell Health. But as LGC’s client base grows in size and sophistication, the personal touch remains a hallmark: Demetriou recently drove to a New Jersey trade show to support (and surprise) a client who was nervous about the big event.

Demetriou points to his staff as the reason for LGC’s incredible growth. Company culture is vital at LGC; as Demetriou explains, with today’s relatively low unemployment, companies need to offer something different to attract top talent. “We hire for culture. Skills can be trained,” he says.  As a result, LGC has been awarded several honors from not only HIA-LI, but also Long Island Business News, Future 50, and Smart CEO.

Prospective clients wondering if LGC is the right fit for them need only glance around at important business events and in their networks. “I’m everywhere!” Demetriou jokes. LGC will help companies looking for mature, sophisticated marketing be everywhere, too. Learn more at https://lorrainegregory.com/.



He asked a CEO: Greg Demetriou, founder and CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications (LGC), recently welcomed Joe Campolo to the company’s beautiful new headquarters in the Heartland Business Center in Edgewood. Next photo: Expect the unexpected at LGC, where creating engaging experiences is part of the company’s DNA.

Entrepreneurship, professionalism, and good corporate citizenship are hallmarks of the LGC experience. Next photo: Social media is just one of the many services LGC offers. Colorful signs and walls help get the team’s creative juices flowing.

A former detective with the New York Police Department, LGC President and CEO Greg Demetriou proudly displays his NYPD Medal of Honor. Next photo: Demetriou, along with VP of Business Development Heather Edwards, recently gave Joe Campolo a tour of their new headquarters, which features an on-site studio. As an integrated marketing agency, LGC offers clients all the services they might need – from branding to social media to direct mail to PR – all under one (large) roof.

At LGC’s new space in the Heartland Business Center, the “front of the house” is home to marketing operations while the “back of the house” features studio, printing, and mail space. Next photo: Think today’s marketing is all digital? LGC still processes between 80 and 100 million pieces of mail a year, generating $20-30 million in postage.

They don’t make them like that anymore: nestled in with the latest technology, this Envelope Master still puts in a hard day’s work. Next photo: This “envelope assembly line” makes the postage machine in your office seem quaint.

Whoever said “print is dead” hasn’t worked with LGC. Next photo: An old-fashioned looking machine churns out the cutting-edge work of LGC.

Members of the LGC team welcomed Campolo to the office.