What’s the sign of a successful day at Flexible Systems? When clients don’t call.

“Our goal is to service our clients so well that they don’t need to call us,” said Marty Schmitt, one of Flexible’s three founders and partners. “When they don’t have IT problems to call about, that’s how we know we’re doing our job.”

Flexible Systems is a longtime HIA-LI member and good friend of Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP, collaborating with the firm on cybersecurity panels to educate the business community, as well as servicing mutual clients. Joe Campolo, CMM Managing Partner and HIA-LI Board Chairperson, recently spoke with Schmitt about Flexible’s story, the company’s vision for the future, and the decision to call the Hauppauge Industrial Park home.

Founded in 1984 by three friends who met at Stony Brook University, Flexible is an IT support and technology consulting powerhouse based in the Hauppauge Industrial Park. The company works with clients on Long Island and beyond to help them choose the best technologies for their unique needs. Flexible also offers world-class IT support to keep networks up and running and fix any issues that may arise, but it’s their role as their clients’ tech advisors that truly sets them apart.

“We’re not just responding and reacting to problems – we’re their IT partners,” Schmitt explained. “We strategize with them about which technologies are worth the investment and help them use technology to increase their efficiency.”

Today, as cyber criminals can take down the computer systems of entire cities and major organizations seemingly at the push of a button, Flexible Systems also offers critical cybersecurity services to help businesses of all sizes keep their data safe. They work with clients to reduce the risk of falling victim to cybercrime, and also help businesses with remediation if they’ve already experienced a breach.

Flexible business development executive Kevin Edwards added, “Even the savviest companies are not always aware of the many regulations that affect their businesses and how to remain compliant.” Therefore, as part of their information security compliance services, Flexible helps clients navigate the increasingly complex web of regulations, from the household names (HIPAA) to the lesser known (the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which regulates how consumer data is shared and safeguarded). “For smaller clients that may not have an in-house compliance or privacy officer, Flexible fills that role,” Edwards explained. Edwards participated in CMM’s series of cybersecurity seminars for the business community co-presented last year by BNB Bank, and works regularly with CMM’s cybersecurity team on compliance and remediation issues.

An active member of HIA-LI, Flexible credits the organization for fostering critical relationships and building referral networks. Flexible also appreciates HIA-LI’s extraordinary focus on supporting the businesses in the Hauppauge Industrial Park (HIP). In the “good problem to have” category, Flexible, with over 125 employees, has now outgrown the Oser Avenue facility that it moved into in 2014. In need of more space, Flexible has worked with the Suffolk County IDA to purchase a 40,000-square foot facility on Motor Parkway – double the size of its current headquarters.

It was a no-brainer for Flexible to stay in the HIP, Schmitt said. “It just makes sense for us to be near like-minded businesses of similar size – there are a lot of synergies, not to mention that the park is centrally located.” This location has helped them attract top talent from Stony Brook University and Farmingdale State College, whose graduates have impressed Flexible’s leadership team.

For those occasions when clients do have to call Flexible, “our response needs to be immediate,” Schmitt said. The company therefore always has extra headcount and continues to bet on growth. It’s a business model that’s obviously working.

Learn more about Flexible Systems at https://www.flexiblesystems.com/.

A training session underway; co-founder and Rangers fan Marty Schmitt.

Flexible’s colors feature prominently in their logo and their hallways.

College friends and business partners Joe Saggio and Marty Schmitt (not pictured: co-founder Seth Belous); Joe Saggio, Marty Schmitt, and Joe Campolo.

Kevin Edwards, Joe Saggio, Marty Schmitt, Joe Campolo.

Flexible’s outdoor patio, pictured here in warmer weather. Employees enjoy barbecues and music outdoors on Fridays during the summer – a forward-thinking approach to recruit talent and show employees how much they’re valued.