Campolo, Middleton & McCormick has successfully and quickly disposed of a frivolous complaint filed against our client.

A builder, frustrated by opposition to his development by our client before she was elected to the local municipal council, filed an ethics complaint against her. He claimed that her actions to gather information about the developer’s activities following complaints made to her by the public about those activities abused her authority for her personal benefit. CMM’s Fred Eisenbud filed a response that included an analysis of the municipality’s ethics code and vigorous argument that everything our client did was within the scope of her powers.

Upon consideration of our opposition to the ethics complaint, the Ethics Board found that there was no reasonable basis to believe that our client had violated the ethics code. CMM is pleased to have so efficiently disposed of this frivolous complaint without it becoming public. With this issue now behind her, our client can move forward with her work on the municipal council.

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