CMM’s Labor & Employment team has secured the dismissal of a complaint filed against its client, a Suffolk County technology manufacturer.

Months after quitting his job with the company, a former employee filed a complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights, charging the employer with discriminatory practices. The manufacturing company, a longtime CMM client, turned to us for guidance. After reviewing the facts, CMM’s Christine Malafi and Vincent Costa submitted a position statement strongly denying the allegations, based on significant evidence that disproved all claims of discrimination.

In a major win for our client, the Regional Director of the State Division of Human Rights agreed with CMM, stating: “After investigation, and following opportunity for review of related information and evidence, the Division has determined that there is no probable cause to believe that the employer has engaged in or is engaging in the unlawful discriminatory practice complained of.” CMM’s review of the facts and strong position statement based on the evidence ultimately convinced the Division of Human Rights to dismiss the complaint.

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