In a deal that closed last month, Campolo, Middleton & McCormick represented the shareholder of a premier prosthetics company in the sale of all shares of stock to one of the leading orthopedic solutions providers in the world.

Our client’s company, which has offices throughout New York City, is now part of the second largest provider of orthopedic bracing in the United States. In business for over 70 years, our client has helped generations of New Yorkers live active lives through its wide range of prosthetic, orthotic, and cranial services and treatment. The West Coast-based purchaser provides easy-to-use products, services, technology, and consulting to improve the quality and lower the cost of patients’ orthopedic needs, providing solutions to over one million patients a year.

CMM’s Donald Rassiger and Vincent Costa brought the deal to a swift close, as did the guidance of Protegrity Advisors, the exclusive M&A advisor to the seller. Learn more about CMM’s robust M&A practice here.