CMM’s ability to bring multifaceted deals across the finish line was in full display when our Corporate team recently closed a deal that was months in the making for a longtime client. Our client, a leader in developing service management AI (artificial intelligence) technology for businesses across the globe, has been a target for many investors over the years. With a reputation for innovation through breakthrough techniques and financial success, our client leverages AI for maximum impact.

To that end, as part of a large investment transaction, the technology leader recently underwent a recapitalization of its shares, in which the company issued new shares of certain stock and effectuated a reverse stock split with respect to other series of stock. CMM’s team, led by Senior Associate Vincent Costa and Associate Marc Saracino, handled all of the company’s corporate formalities and negotiated on behalf of our client, successfully executing a stock purchase agreement.

CMM also helped negotiate the terms of a multimillion-dollar loan agreement, which our client used to enter into an M&A transaction with another large-scale tech firm. While navigating a series of complicated transactions is never easy, CMM’s team always rises to the challenge. Let us put our experience to work for your next corporate deal and contact us.