Electricity was in the air as the groundbreaking ceremony began for the construction of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe on April 27. Executive Director of Tesla Science Center and CMM Of Counsel, Marc Alessi, led the ceremony and ceremonial shovel turning of this historic event. More than 100 officials and guests including Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado and CMM Partners Don Rassiger and Vincent Costa attended to celebrate the project. The ceremony marked the first phase of construction, which includes the demolition of non-historic buildings on site and the restoration of the first building that will serve as the Eugene Sayan Visitor Center. The Visitor Center will be the first building on site open to the public where visitors will learn about the life and work of Nikola Tesla and his contributions to science and technology.

This phase of the project is made possible through the generous funding of Mr. Eugene Sayan, CEO of Softheon, Ludwick Family Foundation, an Empire State Development grant from New York State, and supporters from all over the world.