How do you define “persuasive”? How about: it took less than 10 minutes of deliberation for the jury to find in our client’s favor after CMM’s Scott Middleton presented the case at trial. Meagan Nolan assisted in the preparation leading up to trial which proved invaluable in terms of the eventual outcome.

CMM represented the defendant in a two-day jury trial involving a side swipe accident on the Long Island Expressway in which the plaintiff struck the passenger side of the defendant’s vehicle. Our client was a limousine company and the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident, which had picked up passengers in the Hamptons and was driving them home to Queens. Middleton argued that the plaintiff, represented by a national plaintiff’s personal injury law firm, was careless and negligent in operating her car by frequently changing lanes unnecessarily and speeding.

While the plaintiff’s injuries were not addressed at trial, she claimed to have sustained multiple herniated discs as well as a severe concussion. After failing conservative treatment, the plaintiff underwent a cervical discectomy and fusion, alleging the need for future medical care and expenses. Plaintiff alleged damages in excess of $3,000,000.

After the case was given to the jury, it took only 10 minutes for them to return a verdict in favor of CMM’s client. Pursuant to the terms of a previously negotiated high-low agreement, the defendant will pay the plaintiff $75,000 – a major savings over the $975,000 the plaintiff had demanded and the $200,000 our client initially offered to settle.

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