Selling an accounting practice can be a challenging and complex process, as a NYC-based accounting firm recently learned when they started the sale process. Once they retained CMM, Senior Partner Christine Malafi rigorously negotiated the deal, which involved the sale of our client’s business assets and set forth a process for transfer of clients, files, and employees to the purchasing practice.

Our client was motivated to finalize the sale by year-end, setting a demanding timeline for our legal team. CMM met the challenge head-on, managing the agreements for lease terms, the transfer of sensitive data, and transitioning the employees in a timely manner.

The client was thrilled with the deal and CMM’s dedication, sharing: “Thank you for all your hard work and for your persistence over the last few months. You accelerated the process substantially, were very insightful, and were a pleasure to work with!”

No matter how tight the deadline, CMM’s attorneys are up to the challenge. Learn more about how CMM helps our clients receive the most value for their business.