Demonstrating adaptability in unprecedented circumstances and a determination to keep the economy moving, CMM has just closed an M&A deal entirely remotely involving parties across multiple states.

Vincent Costa handled the transaction – the third for our client. The deal involved our New York-based client’s asset purchase of a Florida company that provides access to remote liquid tank monitoring information through web-based portals, including standard and customized hardware, software, and implementation. CMM had to be extraordinarily nimble to convert the negotiation, due diligence, and closing of a deal that would have otherwise taken place in person and complete it wholly online, without any delays.

“A very tough time trying close a deal between New York and Florida with the circumstances the country is facing,” observed the other side. “[While] it would have been much easier if we could have held a couple of face to face meetings,” CMM was determined the close the deal, and we did.

“I’m very proud of our Corporate team – which is not unusual, but this particular deal is symbolic of so much more,” said CMM Managing Partner Joe Campolo. “It not only shows our ability to adapt to the circumstances, but more importantly, is also such a positive sign that if we all keep pushing as hard as we can, our economy will recover from the coronavirus pandemic.”

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