“Your legal bill was the only one I’ve ever paid where I felt like I paid for a fabulous meal, so it was completely worth every penny!” We’d be thrilled to receive this review from any client, but it carries extra significance coming from a restauranteur.

Our client was a co-founder of a successful East End restaurant. Years later, when the partnership became strained, the ultimate solution was for our clients’ partners to buy him out. At first our client’s business partners did not want to proceed, and the deal was further complicated by the number of companies involved as well as the refinancing of debt. But CMM’s Corporate team, led by Senior Partner Christine Malafi, persisted – and eventually got the job done, navigating a multimillion-dollar buyout.

The client was very happy, comparing paying his legal bill to paying for a delicious dinner! Contact us for our full menu of legal services including buyouts, mergers, or acquisitions.