Successfully closing an investment deal can be a taxing endeavor as the process requires clarity of communication, transparency, and unwavering focus. Executing on this process in a transnational transaction is even more challenging. But as our client can attest, it’s possible with the right counsel, as our team just closed an €11 million investment for our client.

Through this investment, our client obtained a 10% equity interest in a Belgian company specializing in the development of axial flux motors for electric vehicles. CMM’s team – Donald Rassiger, Marc Saracino, and Zachary Mike – served as lead counsel, with support from one of CMM’s partner law firms in Belgium. This was a strategic investment for our client, as the development of the investment target’s products is critical to the client’s other investments across the globe. Further, by closing this investment, CMM helped not only our client but also provided support for the growth and development of the burgeoning electric vehicle industry.

This transaction highlights CMM’s ability to close significant multinational transactions and bridge the various legal, language, and cultural gaps that exist in cross-border transactions. CMM has supported our client in over $100 million in investments around the world over the past two years. This investment closing is one of many that exemplifies CMM’s ability to close challenging deals and help clients achieve their goals.

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