Complications are inherent in any M&A transaction, but CMM understands that lawyers need to be deal makers, not deal breakers. Our attorneys work tirelessly to keep deals moving efficiently toward closing despite the challenges. Quite often, this requires us to work closely with other professionals to help our clients overcome the hurdles they face throughout the course of their transactions.

CMM’s M&A team recently did just that in a multi-million-dollar APA transaction – collaborating with our client’s tax advisors to close the deal. Our client is a loss control and safety service provider in the insurance industry, servicing clients nationwide to ensure that customers are provided with the most up-to-date systems that fit their geographic needs. The deal involved the sale of our client’s assets to a larger business consortium in the mortgage and insurance industry.

On its face, the transaction was a fairly straightforward asset purchase deal but grew significantly more complicated due to income tax issues as well as other issues stemming from our client’s continued equity ownership interest in the purchasing entity after closing. Despite these issues, Partner Don Rassiger led the CMM team, including Associate Marc Saracino and Paralegal Kat Campolo, and worked seamlessly with our client’s tax advisors to untangle the complicated web of tax issues and bring the deal across the finish line.

CMM attorneys look at the bigger picture and examine how collaboration can foster effective results for clients in a holistic manner. Learn more about CMM’s unique M&A practice and the recent deals we’ve closed here.