CMM was honored to host two ambitious students from Brentwood High School for the opportunity to shadow some of our professionals. Yessica and Marilyn, who plan to pursue legal careers, received an inside look from our attorneys at life as a lawyer and received advice for college, law school, and beyond. The students met one-on-one with many members of our team and enjoyed a group lunch where topics included the importance of diversity in law and keeping an open mind when making career decisions. By participating in community programs such as Brentwood’s Job Shadow Day as well as spearheading our own programs to engage young people on Long Island, CMM is working to guide students on their career journeys and achieve diversity in the legal profession.
Attorneys and students Attorneys and students Attorneys and students Attorneys and students
The attorneys share lunch with the students and discuss the diverse careers available in law.
Nancy Conte and students
Nancy Conte discusses her role as a Paralegal.
Christine Malafi and students
Christine Malafi talks about her career path.
Eryn Truong and students
Eryn Truong introduces the firm and shares her role in IP law.
Vinny Costa and students
Vinny Costa speaks with the students about contract law.
Brentwood High School students
Thanks for joining us, Yessica and Marilyn!