By Janine M. Mejeur-Haas
Mejeur-Haas Communications, Inc.

The 2017 HIA-LI trade show luncheon featured updates by several prominent individuals involved in Long Island’s Economic Revitalization projects. HIA-LI president Alessi-Miceli proudly announced that the show was sold out with over 3000 people expected throughout the day, “We welcome our distinguished panel who will discuss the future of Long Island and the development of vibrant communities where we can live, work and play.” She then introduced New York Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, “Every single time I come here I’m amazed at the breadth and scope of the businesses located here.” He reiterated that his offices were dedicated to fostering the economic climate that would promote prosperity. “Last I checked, we live in a capitalistic society. We want you all to do well.”

President Alessi-Miceli then welcomed Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone. “Terri does a great job and has assembled an amazing panel,” praised Bellone. He went on to review exciting new projects on Long Island and in Suffolk County: the expansion of our transportation infrastructure at Penn Station, the LIRR third track and East Side Access projects that will allow people to move to and from New York City and Long Island and providing the human capital necessary for Long Island businesses to thrive. “We have never been in a better position to retrofit suburbia for the twenty-first century,” said Bellone. “The park is critical to the region and is one of the best in the country,” he added. Terri Alessi-Miceli then moved on to the panel and introduced moderator Mitch Pally, CEO of Long
Island Builders Institute. Pally announced funding for three important rail projects which would increase LIRR capacity by 40% and the beginning of Frontier Airlines to service MacArthur airport this summer. “This is a tremendous success story,” he concluded.

Joe Campolo, Managing Partner at Campolo, Middleton & McCormick gave attendees a rundown of key points in the 2017 Hauppauge Industrial Park Economic Impact Study: 11 square miles generating nearly $13.5 billion in sales; 1,350 businesses and growing; 55,000 employees providing 5% of the jobs on Long Island;
combined payroll of $2.9 billion resulting in $2 billion in disposable income; business expenses of $4.4 billion dollars to spend in the region; and $64.5 million in property taxes. “Astonishingly, all of this takes place in the shadow of New York City,” Campolo marveled.

Don Monti, CEO of Renaissance Downtowns discussed the company’s $1.5 billion project in the Town of Glen Cove, a $2.5 billion project in Hempstead and further expansion taking place in Huntington. The total impact of these projects amounts to 23 million square feet of development with 14,000 residential units and nine million square feet of mixed-use space. “The market is there,” Monti declared. “When we do things right, it will keep young people here and attract others.” This includes developing “walkable” neighborhoods which command an approximate 150% rent premium over nonwalkable.

Further observations on real estate came from Tritec Real Estate Co., Inc Principal and Long Island native, Jim Coughlan. “Retail space has to be viewed now as more of an experience,” Coughlan commented. “People of all ages want to use space differently now from the way it was used 20 years ago.” Jim highlighted the successful completion of Patchogue New Village as a template for the future of downtown development and plans to duplicate that success with the Ronkonkoma project. Phase 1 of the 53-acre project is expected to break ground this June and provide 489 units of multi-family housing, create a downtown area around the train station and optimize its proximity to the airport.

The Albanese Organization was represented on the panel by senior vice president Marty Dettling. The company is currently moving forward as master developers in the revitalization of the town of Wyandanch. The town brought the company in as the master developer “not just to gentrify the community, but to lift it up,” Dettling said. “What  we have created is affordable housing that I would love to live in,” Dettling asserted. It’s a bright tomorrow for Long Island, Suffolk County, and the Hauppauge Industrial Park. The HIA-LI is proud to have been a part of the past and is working hard to deliver the future.