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Can I Replace a Seasonal Employee Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

By Carrie Mason-Draffen carrie.mason-draffen@newsday.com DEAR CARRIE: I have a question about a worker who is out on a workers' compensation claim. He worked as a seasonal employee and will be out about six months. If he is not able to come back to work before the new season starts, can the employer fill the position right [...]

The Hauppauge Industrial Park Deserves Its Day in the Sun

By Joe Campolo and Terri Alessi-Miceli When people talk about Long Island, they mention its sandy beaches, seaside harbors and quaint villages. Perhaps the largest, and most hidden, gem among these sites is the Hauppauge Industrial Park (HIP), the second largest industrial park in the nation behind Silicon Valley and a major economic engine serving all [...]

Salespeople: Employees or Independent Contractors?

By Bernadette Starzee By using independent contractors instead of hiring employees, employers cut various expenses, from health insurance to payroll taxes. However, workers are sometimes misclassified as independent contractors when they are really employees, which could be a costly mistake for their employers. Often, misclassification shows up in the salesperson category. As salespeople have various [...]

New Law Prohibits NYC Employers from Inquiring About Applicants’ Salary History

Businesses with employees in New York City, take note: beginning October 31, 2017, employers cannot inquire about an applicant’s salary history (wages, benefits, or other compensation) or rely on that history to make decisions in the hiring process, such as determination of salary, benefits, or in the negotiation of an employment contract. It’s critical that [...]

November 29 – CMM Business Breakfast: The Long Island Real Estate Landscape Reimagined

The Long Island landscape has changed drastically since Levittown became a national symbol of postwar suburban sprawl, but the future remains uncertain. What challenges will today’s developers, municipalities, and residents face tomorrow in the ever-changing world of Long Island commercial and residential real estate? Join us for a wide-ranging panel discussion with a mix of [...]

Cybersecurity on Your Side: Nationwide Settles Data Breach Lawsuit Spanning 33 States

It’s happening more and more these days: massive data breaches are affecting companies that people use on a regular basis for business or personal reasons.  Typically, hackers will infiltrate a company’s security system, exposing sensitive and personal information of that company’s customers.  Lawsuits then follow, typically in the form of a class action.  Back in [...]

“That’s Not My Problem!” Or Is It? Successor Liability in New York Asset Purchases

Congratulations…you just bought a business. But, what else did you “buy”? Many M&A deals are structured as asset purchase transactions so that the buyer can acquire only those things that make money and leave the liabilities and obligations that cost money behind for the seller to resolve after the closing.  But, that’s not always what [...]

New York’s Family Health Care Decisions Act

Let me say right up front that the best thing you can do when it comes to medical decision-making is execute a Health Care Proxy appointing an agent.  This agent can make your medical decisions if you are unable. That being said, if you didn’t appoint anyone, in 2010 New York enacted the Family Health [...]

Tesla Science Center Receives $1M Local Donation

By Kevin Redding The donation made by Eugene Sayan will help with plans to renovate the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe in Shoreham. Image from Marc Alessi The Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe aims to be a major hub of exploration and innovation on Long Island, not only preserving Nikola Tesla’s life but actively helping [...]

East End Business Community Votes CMM “Best of the Best” Law Firm

Bridgehampton, NY – The East End business community has spoken, awarding Campolo, Middleton & McCormick the Gold Prize in the 2017 Dan’s Best of the Best competition in the category of Best Law Firm – South Fork.  The winners will be celebrated at a dinner reception on Friday, November 10 at the Suffolk Theater in [...]