Kristen NavasPublished in Long Island Business News

Keeping everybody at Campolo, Middleton & McCormick inspired and motivated, Director of Operations Kristen Navas helps shape the forward-thinking team approach at the Ronkonkoma law firm.

Navas joined Campolo, Middleton & McCormick in 2010 as a litigation paralegal. She quickly advanced as she began taking on additional responsibilities. Navas is knowledgeable about all the inner workings of the firm, which represents clients in a wide variety of legal matters, including litigation and appeals, insurance, corporate and private equity, technology and intellectual property, government relations, employment, real estate, healthcare and bankruptcy law.

Navas handles a myriad of roles, including administration, finance, human resources and business development. She has excellent time management skills and effectively delegates the workload among all staff to ensure attorneys are adequately supported to maximize their billable hours. Navas often acts a critical source of information about the firm for top management, answering questions about case files, former clients and software troubleshooting. Most recently, the firm invested in a new legal case management, CRM and document imaging software and Navas has been concentrating on the incorporation of this technology into the practice.

Navas takes time to understand how the various departments work within the firm. She also studies the goals of each legal team so that she can identify where the changes need to be made in order to yield greater efficiencies. Navas is also responsible for coordinating the work of support departments so the firm’s attorneys can focus on their clients’ needs and expectations.

Organized and focused, Navas is directly responsible for the implementation of the firm’s first comprehensive Employee Handbook. The handbook clarifies all company policies and decreases legal risk. She is also credited for facilitating a consistent employee training program and streamlining accounting procedures. She is in charge of the hiring and training of all new employees, showing new attorneys the ropes and helping staff members manage their workload. Navas recently coordinated the challenging task of relocating the firm to a new office space in Ronkonkoma.

A true asset to the firm, Navas sets the standard for achievement and excellence. She assures that each client receives quality service and creates a positive atmosphere for employees.