The YorkBridge Business Leaders Conference is an exclusive event for business owners and leading professionals in the Hamptons community.

Aimed at addressing some of the highest priority subject matter facing business leaders in the current economic, financial, and political environment, we have engaged with expert speakers to provide thought provoking insight on the way in which personal decision making influences those most important to us; our families, our employees, and the community in which we work and live.

January 22, 2018
11 a.m.
Gurney’s Montauk Resort, Montauk

At  12:30 p.m., Melissa Sidor, Esq. of Campolo, Middleton & McCormick and John Larkin, CPA of Markowitz, Fenelon & Bank will give a lunch presentation, “Business Succession Planning & Wealth Transfer for Business Leaders.” The presentation will address issues including planning for the future of your company, contingency planning if something happens to you, how to bring the next generation talent into your business, and how to transfer accumulated wealth in an effective and tax efficient manner.

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