Meghan DolanA high school term paper assignment about the “right to privacy” under Griswold v. Connecticut brought Meghan Dolan to the local law library, and her interest was immediately piqued.   Then, freshman year of college, she took a seminar with renowned attorney and Harvard professor Charles Fried, who brought the class to hear oral arguments at the United States Supreme Court.  Meghan was immediately hooked.

Although she knew she wanted to be an attorney, Meghan did not know where she would end up or on which type of law she would focus.   That all changed when she became part of the Trial Advocacy team at St. John’s Law School.  Although she had never participated in such a program, Meghan was immediately named to the competition team, and she eventually became Executive Director of the program.  Throughout law school, Meghan was trained by accomplished and veteran trial attorneys, civil and criminal, on techniques ranging from trial preparation to motions in limine to cross examination to closing arguments.  She honed her trial skills at nationwide competitions, received numerous awards for her advocacy, and knew then that her talent and passion lay in the courtroom as a litigator.

The mock courtrooms of law schools around the country led Meghan to the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, where she was appointed an Assistant District Attorney upon graduation from law school. Meghan was the only member of her ADA entering class to be named to the prestigious DWI Bureau.  In Nassau County, where DWI prosecutions are strict and abundant, this meant the opportunity to try dozens of cases against talented, seasoned trial attorneys in her profession.   After her very first jury trial, where she secured a guilty verdict, one of the jurors on the case wrote a letter to the District Attorney lauding Meghan’s trial abilities.  This letter and the commendation that followed from the District Attorney herself still hang in Meghan’s office.   Meghan was subsequently promoted up the ranks to the Felony Trial part where she handled all types of felony prosecutions from arrest to trial, including violent home invasions, robberies, and assaults.   This opportunity was invaluable in continuing to shape Meghan’s advocacy and trial abilities, as well as allowing her to develop skills in preparing a case for trial.

Once Meghan left the DA’s office, her representation shifted from the People of the State of New York to the commercially-insured clients of a Fortune 100 Insurance Company where she was in-house Counsel.  While there, Meghan had the opportunity to learn the civil side of the law, and continue to expand her litigation techniques in the form of depositions, mediations, and trial.  The commercially-insured clients she represented ranged in size from national chain restaurants, retail stores, and trucking companies to local mom-and-pop plowing, real estate, and hospitality businesses.  Meghan represented these clients in all phases of litigation up to and including trial, securing favorable verdicts and settlements on their behalf.

Seeking the opportunity to represent clients in a wider variety of matters, Meghan joined Campolo, Middleton & McCormick in January 2016.  She seamlessly transitioned into her role as a passionate and dedicated advocate for the firm’s clients in the Litigation & Appeals and Criminal Defense departments.  During her time in-house, she had met and observed several CMM lawyers in courtrooms throughout the New York metropolitan area, and felt that their professionalism and experience would make the firm a good fit for her own interests and talents.  “Since the day I joined the firm, I’ve been able to dive right into challenging cases in both the civil and criminal arenas,” Meghan says.  “The attorneys here have such diverse legal backgrounds and training, so the wealth of knowledge and experience clients have access to is superb.”

Meghan has the unique perspective of having tried cases throughout Long Island on behalf of both the state and private clients.  She has honed her litigation skills from her first trial to her last, each time gaining more valuable experience to better represent the firm’s clients in all phases of litigation.

Outside the courtroom, Meghan lives with her husband and daughter in Northport, directly across Long Island Sound from where she grew up in Westport, Connecticut.   She also spent much of her youth living abroad in Sao Paolo, Brazil and Casablanca, Morocco, which inspired her love of traveling the world.  Meghan enjoys practicing yoga, watching soccer, and visiting all of Long Island’s beautiful beaches.