January 30, 2018

CMM Live: Joe Campolo Catches Up with Teresa Ferraro – President, East/West Industries and Rich Humann, President and CEO, H2M Architects + Engineers

In this episode, Joe Campolo spoke with two successful Long Island business leaders. Joe chatted with Teresa Ferraro, President, East/West Industries, Inc., about her unique leadership path, the exponential growth of this family-owned business through the decades, and innovative projects and new technology in the defense/aerospace industry. Joe also caught up with Rich Humann, President and CEO, H2M Architects + Engineers, about his rise through the ranks from intern to President/CEO, recruitment and professional development strategies, and challenges of growing and expanding a business on Long Island.

December 14, 2017

CMM Live: Joe Campolo Catches Up with Dr. Yacov Shamash – Vice President for Economic Development, Stony Brook University and Mitch Pally – MTA Board Member and CEO, LIBI

In this episode, Joe Campolo caught up with Dr. Yacov Shamash, VP for Economic Development at Stony Brook University, and Mitch Pally, CEO of LIBI and an MTA board member. Yacov and Joe talked about the many ways Long Island has changed in the past 20 years, including the emergence of Long Island’s innovation economy; exciting things happening at LIHTI, the “godfather” of business incubators; and the secret to keeping talent on Long Island. Next, Joe had an animated discussion with Mitch about changes to Long Island’s home-building economy as trends shift from single-family homes to mixed use developments and transit-oriented hubs; Patchogue’s example of proactively revitalizing communities and the leadership it takes to make that happen; and why Long Island can’t build its way out of transportation problems with highways, but that we can and should invest in bus and rail transit improvements.

November 1, 2017

CMM Live: Joe Campolo and Terri Alessi-Miceli, President, HIA-LI

“Growing up, conversations around the dining room table were always about what I could do, not what I couldn’t.” Terri Alessi-Miceli, President of HIA-LI, spoke with Joe Campolo about a range of topics including the critical importance of mentoring in helping to stop sexual harassment in the workplace, the mission at the heart and soul of HIA-LI, and how emerging leaders can seek out activities that will help them “practice the profession of business.”


October 17, 2017

CMM Live: Joe Campolo and Kevin O’Connor, President and CEO, Bridgehampton National Bank

Joe Campolo caught up with Kevin O’Connor, President & CEO of Bridgehampton National Bank, for a wide-ranging discussion focusing on the Long Island economy and how to keep our region growing. Explaining that BNB’s exponential growth over the past 10 years is no accident, Kevin discussed the bank’s philosophies for success from talent acquisition to lifelong client relationships, and how business leaders can translate their vision and passion for their companies into economic growth. Hear what’s on the horizon for local business and what Kevin thinks is the trick to keeping millennials on Long Island.

October 4, 2017

CMM Live: Joe Campolo and Peter Klein, Managing Partner of Klein Wealth Management at HighTower Advisors

Listen as they discuss the value of a wealth advisor in the current economic climate, capital gains irrespective of market conditions, the psychology of investing, IRAs, and more.

October 6, 2014

Long Island Legal: Patrick McCormick with Brad Hemingway, Executive Director of Islip Foreign Trade Zone Authority

September 26, 2014

Long Island Legal: Employment Law with Attorney Arthur Yermash

September 12, 2014

Long Island Legal: Filomena Lombardi of Farm to Table Catering

September 9, 2014

Long Island Legal: Alex Badalmenti of Baldassano Architecture, LLP

September 4, 2014

Long Island Legal: John Lemanski of Cerini and Associates

August 29, 2014

Long Island Legal: Richard Dormer, former Suffolk County Police Commissioner

August 22, 2014

Long Island Legal: Bill McDonald Discusses Affordable Care Act

August 15, 2014

Long Island Legal: Alane Fagin of Child Abuse Prevention Services

August 11, 2014

Long Island Legal: Dave Calone, CEO and Managing Director of Jove Equity Partners

August 2, 2014

Long Island Legal: Anthony Manetta, President of Standard Advisors Group

July 27, 2014

Long Island Legal: Attorney Eryn Truong

July 18, 2014

Long Island Legal: Ron Beattie & Christine Malafi on Volunteerism

July 11, 2014

Long Island Legal: Alan Inkles – Stony Brook Film Festival

June 20, 2014

Long Island Legal: Joe Campolo with guest Michael Pfaff – GM of The Long Island Ducks

June 13, 2014

Long Island Legal: Assemblyman Michael J. Fitzpatrick of the 8th District

June 6, 2014

Long Island Legal: Bruce Newman, President, Mergers & Acquisitions at Protegrity Advisors, LLC

May 23, 2014

Long Island Legal: Joe Campolo and Steve Levy

May 23, 2014

Long Island Legal: Patrick McCormick and Gio Mata

May 16, 2014

Long Island Legal: Guest Bill Schoolman, President & CEO of 7Bus

May 9, 2014

Long Island Legal: Meet Christine Malafi

May 2, 2014

Long Island Legal: Meet Scott Middleton

April 21, 2014

Long Island Legal: Premiere Show featuring Joe Campolo